Bach cembalo-koncerter - Snesere kirke

Bach cembalo-koncerter
Med Marcus Mohlin og Camerata Øresund
Marcus DR nemf

Marcus Mohlin under NEMF 2016 - foto: Charlotte Ekstrand

Bach - To cembalo koncerter i d-moll & A-Dur 
Vivaldi - L’estro armonico for 2 og 4 violiner (3 koncerter)

When Bach in his youth studied and imitated the older masters to learn the art of composition, it was Antonio Vivaldi who earned his greatest respect and admiration. Although it was not the Vivaldi of standard virtuoso violin concertos, not even Quattro stagioni. What attracted Bach's attention was Vivaldi's collection of experimental compositions called L'estro armonico. Several of these concertos are transcribed or arranged by Bach for keyboard instruments.
Playing Bach harpsichord concertos in the context of Vivaldi’s spirit is revealing not only for Bach’s music, but also for Camerata Øresund's and Marcus Mohlin's spontaneity of expression, which makes the old masters young again.
/Peter Spissky, Artistic Director

CO Sct.Mortens

Camerata Øresund i Sct. Mortens kirke under Næstved Early Music Festival 2016
Foto: Reinhard Wilting



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